Life is a beautiful journey

Thomas James

Thomas Francis was born on the 19th of April 1966.

After college he lived in Doha, Dubai, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Copenhagen. He moved back to India in 2013 and is currently living in Delhi.

He has taken advantage of his diverse cultural experiences in different parts of the world to portray them in colourful abstract art.

Thomas has chosen the strict and rigid language of straight line and pure colour to produce first of all an extreme purity, and on another level, a maximum of superb clarity and force.

His compositions are based on colour and expand over the borders of the canvas into space beyond the picture.

He continues to explore the relationship between lines and blocks of colour, achieving an ever-increasing purity in his paintings.

His journey with colourful geometrical works has a profound connection with harmony and love, each telling a story.


Indian born - Argentine artist Thomas Francis began his career rooted in colourful geometrical form.

His style is influenced by Piet Mondrian, Henry Matisse and Romero Britto.

Technique : acrylic on canvas

Exhibitions :

Denmark (Copenhagen) - Christian Dam Gallery, Verdens kultur Centre .

Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Fundacion City Bank, Galeria Hoy en el Arte, Como en Casa Art Restaurant.

India – Art Junction Gallery (Lalit Hotel,Delhi), Cervantes Institute (Spanish Cultural Centre,Delhi),Vernissage art gallery (Delhi),India International Center IIC (Delhi),Cosmic Heart Gallery (Bombay Mumbai)